$1000 Game build - need help

Found toms hardware about a week ago and I'm loving it, so I thought I'd make an account and ask for some help on my first computer build :)

As the title says, I have a $1000 budget to buy a gaming computer. I already have a 650w psu and an SSD to run my OS on (have to buy OS). Here's what I'm looking at purchasing:

CPU: Intel i5-2500k ($200)

HDD: Seagate 1tb ($100)

Memory: Corsair 8gb ($50)

Standard DVD drive ($20)

Video Card: GTX 560 ti ($250)

Windows 7 ($100)

Total = $720

I'm looking at building this to play guild wars 2. I was wondering if what I have currently chosen is appropriate and what motherboard/case I should get with my remaining $280, if possible. I am looking to purchase through amazon.com and if you could provide links, that would be great!
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  1. Do you plan on CF/SLIng?
  2. should work OK.

    you need a motherboard. an AS Rock Z68 Gen 3 should be fine
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