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Hi guys...having a problem where my display goes black for about 2-3 seconds randomly. It only seems to happen when I'm surfing the web in internet explorer. I've played games for an hour or more without issue, but when I open internet explorer I notice that sometimes when I navigate to a new page or I close internet explorer the screen goes black and then returns after a few seconds. I'm a bit first I was concerned that my new video card (GTX570) was bad...I've only had it for a few weeks and everything was fine up until a week ago. However, if I'm not getting black screens during gaming then I'm thinking the graphics card is not the issue. My GPU idles around 29 degrees and my processor (i7-2600k) idles around 29 as well. Any thoughts?
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  1. BTW this is a new homebuild so everything is new...not just the graphics card. I did recently update all graphics drivers in the last 3 weeks ...wondering if this is the issue
  2. One other thought is that it seems to be random...I've been playing around opening/closing browsers for 20 minutes and it hasn't done it.
  3. remove and reinstall ie
  4. ok, i've just noticed that it seems to be related to videos imbeded within a webpage. If I go to and watch a video...the screen goes blank when I start the video and then again when I navigate away from page.
  5. could be flash plug in missing for ie use this to find psi from secunia
  6. Thanks for your suggestion. I tried using psi, but this did not help out. I've tried switching between firefox, ie, and chrome. All of them have the same issue. When I start an embedded video on a webpage (especially youtube) the display goes black for 2 seconds and then returns and starts playing the video. Any other thoughts? I know my video drivers are updated...
  7. figured it out...i had to disable hardware acceleration in flash settings...weird
  8. I'm having this problem AGAIN. Not with youtube, but with windows media player. I went to watch a few video clips recently and discovered that when I played the clip the screen goes blank for 2-4 seconds (can still hear sound playing when this happens)....when I stop the video the same thing happens...blank screen for 2-4 seconds. I fixed this with youtube by turning off hardware acceleration. Is there something like this in windows media player? I've been messing with the options to try and correct this but haven't found anything that works yet. Currently updating my videocard drivers (currently the video card is running at about 31 celsius).

    Any thoughts on this guys?
  9. drivers, drivers, drivers. I loaded the stock drivers from the disk that game with my gtx 570 and everything works fine now.
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