First time builder - Power supply can't work with mobo?

This is my first time building a PC, so I thought it best to just use someone else's parts list.
This would suit my needs, I thought... I chose a few parts that were cheaper than this, but knew that I wanted to keep the most important components the same in case something went wrong.

The problem is, the mobo says "if the 4-pin ATX 12V connector isn't plugged in, the computer will not start", and the power supply doesn't seem to HAVE a 4-pin connector.
These are what I ordered:
Power Supply:

Am I missing something, or are these two parts just not compatible?

And if they aren't, then what's the next step? Buy a different power supply? And if so, which one?
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  1. Those two parts will work perfectly fine.

    Look at your PSU's connectors and look for one that has 8 Pins, it should be able to break off into two 4-Pin connectors. Hook one of them into your 4 Pin CPU connector and you should be good to go.
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    That PSU actually has two different 12V connectors. One 4+4 pin and one 8 pin.

    1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
    1 x 4+4 Pin ATX 12V
    1 x EPS 12V
    2 x PCI-E
    6 x SATA
    4 x Peripheral
    1 x Floppy

    Both are usable, but you can just take one half of the 4+4 and plug that in. Only one half will fit, so you can't get it wrong. Same with the full 8 pin, actually. Only one half will fit.
  3. Oh, I never would have noticed that! I don't think it came with any documentation (or maybe it did and I've lost it), and I don't think I've seen that list before.

    Thank you so much!
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  5. You're welcome. :)
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