Newcomer to pc need help making the right choice

Ok so i am aiming to buy or build a new pc between now and christmas so i have a lot of time. What i am looking for is something that will be able to run Guild Wars 2 at 30-60 fps roughly and be able to run COD also. i want something that can run pretty smoothly because im sick of my laptop lol. i dont really know how much money i am going to have to spend to get that, but i want to stay within £500-£800 or roughly $1000-$1500

Also what i plan to do is run the pc off my which is hd ready.

I was looking at this website

and more specifically this

i dont really know what im doing though :L so if yu can help me save money or if i have to spend more money,

You're advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Bump up to the HD 7850, it's worth the extra money - and will last you several years playing games at high settings. Also go ahead and get the 500W PSU.
  2. If you would go here:
    and fill in the form, we would be better able to help you decide.

    Good Luck!
  3. Hey, welcome to the PC building world. I'll try to help as much as I can.

    First off, what CoD are you planning to play? CoD 4 has meager requirements while Modern Warfare 3 has a considerable on.
    Next, are you planning to buy a prebuilt PC or are you just looking at that website to reference prices? I believe that the consensus is that buying prebuilt rigs are much more expensive. Also, are you looking to eventually continue building on your rig once you get it? Like going SLI, Crossfire, buying aftermarket coolers, going overclock.

    For the CPU, the i5-3570k is a good choice for me since it can overclock to 4.5 gHz provided the right cooling. As for the RAM, I don't think you need to go 16 gig, even 4 gig will do fine if your intention is just to game. The video card is a little tricky for me to decide, but as a generalization, AMD's cards give you the most bang for your buck. But since I haven't fully read into AMD yet, I'll direct you to Nvidia's Geforce cards instead. The Geforce 550 is already a pretty nice card for me, but if you want lower the costs, the GT 440 is said to be a considerable performer but becomes obsolete at higher resolutions. Finally, there's the GTX 480 which gives amazing performance for its current price range. Hopefully, there are some guys that are gonna come here and direct you to the proper AMD cards.
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