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I was reading through a thread on this topic that was very close to my issues, "Video Card Causing digital noise in audio" @

While reading this thread i found that things were being sorted out, but then the thread was closed out prematurely, and i'm hoping on a remedy to the issue. I believe i have ran into a serious occasion. The first attempt had completely re oriented the speaker setup, where my Front Right was registering as my Subwoofer by the audio center program.

for the past 2 months i had been over clocking my HIS Radeon HD 6950 IceQ X Turbo to 900mhz GPU and 1300mhz VRAM with a 5% voltage boost.

The audio card is an ASUS Xonar D1 7.1 PCI Audio card, i chose it over a Creative sound card because of Creative's notorious re-branding, which disgusts me how they take an Audigy and call it an xFi while utilizing software rendering to artificially create the Crystalizer effects of which are supposed to be hardware. (From what i have read.)

Since i had the Xonar card it sounded miles better than the xFi card my roommate had, and in my opinion had more features. Until recently it has been the very best sound quality, and my video card was up there in my praises of cutting edge of what i've owned... then i wanted to play Need For Speed World again... this is where the problems started...

I first noticed something wrong when i first ran the game, i got into the world and it crashed, i thought nothing of it, and proceeded to relaunch and play, after about 10-15 minutes i noticed my front speakers were nearly inaudible. An issue i had before with the speakers themselves, upon trying to remedy this there was no change. I proceeded to the "Xonar D1 Audio Center" to do a bit of trouble shooting, i noticed that the speaker orientations were completely off. The Front Left, Center, Subwoofer, and both rear speakers were all audible through the Front Left speaker, and the Subwoofer was audible through the Front Right speaker. When changing the Sample Rate from 192KHz to 96KHz there was a noticeable pop/click sound that otherwise would not have been there. Thoroughly confused and concerned i restarted the computer.

Upon Windows logon i did not notice any discrepancies, in fact the issue seemed to have been fixed, i went to the website, downloaded and installed the newest drivers and went to play NFSWorld again, this time the audio did not reorient itself... it just had a consistent static buzz/hum which seemed to be directly related with either the data stream in the motherboard or the GPU. I am more certain it is the GPU since the sound is directly consistent with the GPU demand. The orientation of the speakers has not been messed up again, i have checked.

The only thing i have done differently with my setup from what it was before when i would play Battlefield 3 to now, is i have installed Need For Speed World. I don't know much about software, but the game does have the Dolby program "Axon" as part of its VoIP integration. I know very well that this VoIP software is very unstable and made the game almost unplayable when they first incorporated it. It would seem that Dolby created the software and has done nothing to fix many of its core issues, i have tried the program itself, and i have not heard any of the proposed 3D positional audio features it claims it can do. Only recently has Axon gone completely free, and in my opinion Teamspeak's 3D positional audio is far superior.

Even though the ASUS Xonar has Dolby Decoding built in, i don't think that would fix the issues for the VoIP program, and honestly i don't feel that Axon is causing these static buzz/hums. I have a Pro Audio power filter, filtering my desks power demands, it is the "Monster Power Professional Power Center Pro 1000" a nice gift left behind by an old roommate who used to be a DJ.

I never had this issue before i had installed NFSWorld, but now, it is driving me insane. All i wanted to do is log in, load up my beautiful Playboy Lamborghini, crank up the volume and listen to the music of the Murcielago making love to my ears... instead, static had violated me.
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  1. i updated to 12.8 with the AMD VISION control center, and i think the buzz is gone, i also found that windows was using a "Standard SATA controller driver" i also updated that to the proper AMD SATA controller. Haven't launched NFSWorld yet, but so far sounds great.

    I am fairly amazed at the lack of feedback on this topic, is this really that rare of an issue?

    I believe i have some recorded material with the interference, I will edit and post to Youtube the video soon.
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