GPU temperature seems to be rising

Hey guys,

I have a Gigabyte GTX 560 OC. This card is supposed to get excellent temperatures, and when I first got it, around 2 months ago, it rarely seemed to go over 62c under load. Now it seems to almost always hit 74c-75c under load, even with less demanding games like Assassin's Creed 2. When I'm playing The Witcher 2, the temperature always seems to hit 80c-82c. It's never exceeded 82c. My idle temps seem to be normal, staying around 28c-30c when I'm doing absolutely nothing (away from the computer), and 35c-41c when I'm preforming normal tasks (internet surfing, Ableton). BTW, I'm not overclocking (outside of the stock OC), and my CPU temps seem relatively normal. I have a i5 2500k, stock, which stays at around 38c-42c during normal tasks, and peaks at around 62c during gaming.

Still, I'm a bit concerned. I've set my fans in Afterburner to spin 100% once the GPU reaches 64c. It hasn't seemed to help much :(

According to this review my load temperature should be around 63c.

What's going on here? What could be causing my GPU to heat up like this? Any ideas as to how I could drop these temps a bit?
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  1. That model has a very minor factory OC....just 830 Mhz according to your link.....stock is 822 so its a 1% OC.....the Asus TOP also gets 64C in the test at factory OC of 900Mhz .... but the Asus has a bigger cooler.

    As for what's causing it to heat up .....

    have you further OC'd the card w/ afterburner ?

    have you checked for dust accumulation in your card's fan shroud, case inlets, etc ?
  2. I have OC'd in the past, but this recent rise in temperature began out of nowhere. I have not bothered to OC in weeks, a good while before my temps started to rise.

    I have looked through the clear side of my case, and there seems to be very little dust. My computer is newly built, only a couple months old. Is this long enough to accumulate enough dust to stuff things up?

    I'll definitely air my system.

    Is it possible that my GPU just gets hotter than others of the same model? A flaw perhaps?
  3. it's probably just dust in the heatsink blocking airflow through it. Take the card out and give it some canned air or something...

    and couple of months might be enough if theres a lot of dust flying around or hairy pets. It also depends on the heatsink design, some are more prone to catch dust than others.
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