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so i just setup my built my pc last week and got avg free and ad ware and thet both pick up no virus but the keeps freezing and if i go into my computer and right click then windows restarts explore i have install a couple my friends bought for me through steam
my parts
i5 2500k
6gb 2x3
1tb seagate
z68x ud3h b3
no gpu just running hd 3000 for now
help please
are there better virus protectors i should be using that are free
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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials. Google it and then install. Remove AVG free. Also, you should get Malwarebytes from and use it to remove malware as well.
  2. did you install the mother board firmware off the disc that comes with the board ? did you go to windows update and see what it has for your machine ? Did you try going into the device manager and update the drivers for everything...... especially for the intel 3000 video device ?
  3. hey had to reinstall windows and i found that i didn't have the 100mb partion on there so i reinstalled with the partion and it works.
    i download avast and malabytes and windows essentials but i know if the windows essentials is working.
    with malabytes i scanned my external hard drive with and it froze what should i use to scan it. sorry for the late replay and my spelling
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