Is this a good build???

Ok i found this pre built computer for $1,308

These are the specs:
AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition
AMD Original Cooling Fan With HeatSink
AMD 870G/880G Chipset Motherboard
8GB (2 x 4GB) Dual Channel
Sapphire AMD HD7950 3GB
3.5" 1TB / 1000GB SATA III 7200rpm HDD
24x CD/DVD +RW /-RW drive
Onboard 7.1 CH High Definition Audio
Wireless Network
850W Gaming PSU with 14cm Super-Silent Fan
Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Technology
All MotherBoard drivers, disks and manuals are included
2 Years (24 Months) Limited Return to Base Warranty
+ Lifetime Technical Support
and 19 inch montor.

With this setup can i play bf3, crysis 2 and guild wars 2 all on ultra at 1920x1080
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  1. Well, I think you should change the processor to an i5 2500k because there is no point in having 8 cores in a gaming computer and also, Intel is a lot better than AMD especially for gaming. Another thing is that the power supply your getting is WAY too much! you should go down to a 650W power supply because your just wasting your money and there is no point in going overboard on the power supply. Here is a link to the newegg recommended power supply calculator, just put in your specs and it will tell you how many watts your power supply will need to power your machine.
  2. Definately change the cpu to either a 2500k or the 3570k. The power supply is overkill unless you plan to crossfire in the future. The 7950 is more than adequate to play BF3 on ultra at 1080p if you wanted you could even step it down to the 7870 for that to save money :)

  3. I can only choose that AMD cpu for this build, because it is a prebuilt computer. I do not know how to build and dont want to mess around with it because i dont want to break something because i cant afford to fix it. The max i want to go for is $1310 including a monitor and this is the best i have found so far.
  4. Bump, please answer someone
  5. I think what they are trying to say is, is that in the context of building your own Pc you could do better. However that fact that you aren't prepared to do that, looking at the current system, it looks like a fair price.

    We would rather have you build your own. I believe you will have just as many problems with prebuilds as building your own.
  6. Well if you are adamant on going prebuilt, that's fine as well. The issue here is that pretty much all the posters on tom's will recommend on going DIY, with good reason. You get more bang for your buck, as well as valuable experience. Plus its pretty fun :D

    The build itself is fine. It's just that the PSU is overkill, which, i guess, is better than not enough :/ At least with that psu you can still Xfire with plenty of headroom remaining. But the problem with most prebuilt's is that the manufacturer will throw in no-name(sub-par) psu's to save costs. These psu's typically deliver less than its rated voltage and might even melt-down/blow-up during operation, potentially taking with it the mobo, gpu, ram etc. This is why its safer to go with psu's from reputable brands such as corsair, antec or xfx. So you might want to consider switching the psu out anyways :/ Just a thought.

    There's also nothing wrong with the cpu, if judged by its own merits and not compared to intel. If you're primary purpose is gaming then it should run all of those games at the required res and quality. The gpu would be the biggest deciding factor here, and the 7950 is one of the strongest offerings AMD has :), so no problem there. The reason why everyone is recommending the 2500K is that it's a better cpu in general; it will easily OC and to very good levels at that. Plus the mobo that you get with the 2500K will be able to support IB (if you get z68 or z77), giving you viable upgrade paths for the future. This is opposed to this build forcing you to move onto AMD cpu's, which i think everyone will agree is looking quite bleak compared to the competition.
  7. You shouldn't really multipost, as you have another thread here:
  8. i think to run a bulldozer cpu you need 970 or 990 fx chipset (am3+)
  9. Quote:
    I can only choose that AMD cpu for this build, because it is a prebuilt computer. I do not know how to build and dont want to mess around with it because i dont want to break something because i cant afford to fix it. The max i want to go for is $1310 including a monitor and this is the best i have found so far.

    I agree with all others suggestion here & in your other thread. But since you prefer prebuilt, better put the store's website where you want to buy & we will pick out good options from there.
    And don't get that AMD system. It's a rip off really. It is not well configured & its overkill for that 19" monitor (don't get anything less than 21.5" at 1920x1080 resolution).
  10. a little thing is to buy another fan/heatsink because the AMD one is very noisy, a 990FX mobo would be much better

    if you want to customize your specs, there are websites and vendors for that who would let you choose your components and brands

    the AMD CPU is quite good, much better than the i5 at real world non benchmark using like multitasking, remember the AMD blind test

    the build as whole is good except remove wifi/bluetooth and add an SSD and larger storage
  11. Here is the ebay store: its an australian store which i preffer. I do not want to buy seperate parts and build it on my own, the pre built options are on the left and when u click them u can scroll down and choose which computer u want. After that you can scroll down more on the selling page and u can see all the upgrades for that system and so on. Thank you for all your help and i would appreicate if i could get a good answer from you guys about the right pc on the website for no more then $1300 without a monitor. @ randomkid, i need that 19 inch monitor because anything bigger wont fit on my table because i have an imac there aswell which is 27 inch.
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