Is it worth updating i7 920 (2.67Ghz)

I use my computer mainly for projects, email and gaming ofcourse, which I would like to run on ULTRA settings. Thanks@!
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  1. Hello fellow community members,

    I have recently undertaken a task of updating my Dell 435MT desktop with a new case, GPU, CPU cooler, etc. Overall it has been challenging, but exciting task and I can honestly say I learned a lot. I was a little taken back by number of nonproprietory and non-compatibility issues that Dell motherboard has with aftermarket upgrades. For example, at this time I have a CoolerMaster 212H laying around, because the motherboard has a build/glued in backplate that will not allow me to swap it. So I thought maybe it's time for an upgrade? The PC runs well, and I'm hesitant to upgrade it, because I have the "if it's broken then fix it mentality", otherwise leave stuff alone.

    I have an i7 920 intell chip, and was thinking of upgrading to a motherboard that can support an SLI mode for current and future video cards (current mobo has only 1 PCIe). Is it worth doing at this point? Do I need to find a motherboard that is specific to the i7 920 chipset, and will I be able to upgrade to other more powerful Intel's in the future? (I would like to stick with the Intel). The 2600, 1366 etc are just a soup alphabet that doesn't make sense to me, and I really can't find straightfoward guides that are in lay men's terms.

    Thank you, and sorry for a lengthy and complicated question
  2. If you can find a mobo for a decent price it's definetly worth it, though you won
    t be able to upgrade to new intel cpu's, highest you could upgrade to is a i7-990x, BUT you could easily match or exceed the 990x's performance if you overclock the 920.
  3. Thus far my CPU cooler upgrade does not fit, due issues that arise as a result of Dell doing everything they can so that users cannot upgrade their PCs with aftermarket parts.

    Is this the processor that you mean?

    It seems like it will give great performance, but is also very pricey. What are the chances that I can buy this at discounted price in a couple of years? My fear is that like everything else, this part may be dc'ed and I will be stuck with a 920 compatible motherboard, with no chipsets released, and will have to upgrade motherboard again in future.

    If I did go with the i7 920 compatible motherboard, which one would be good? is it the 1366?
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    As far as I know dell doesn't modify the processors they put in their machines at all, the limitations always come with the motherboard. And yes in order to run a i7-920 you need a LGA1366 socket motherboard. Something like this would work nicely:

    When running at the same clocks(if both ran at 3.46ghz for example) the difference in performance between your 920 and the 990x aren't all that significant, definetly not worth $1000.

    If I were you I'd get a good used board and OC that i7-920 some, it still is a pretty good chip by today's standarts.
  5. I just came back from the computer store and got the same exact advice from the techie there. I definitely think that the new motherboard will be a good way to go now.

    I appreciate you taking the time to look up a motherboard. I'm assuming nothing on tigerdirect/newegg under 100$ will be found, since a lot of it has been dc'ed correct?

    I'm a noob when it comes to understanding the specs, but I'm assuming that the Rampage III will not be a better choice, since it is build according to the new standards, with higher price tag and probably not much more features? I'm just a little hesitant when it comes to buying used.
  6. If you don't mind loosing SATA III and USB 3.0 this one isn't bad at $140 after rebates new:
  7. I think the best choice now is literally to buy a good GPU and then upgrade the entire system in a couple of years.

    a stock i7 920 isn't a bad cpu at all and shouldn't bottleneck on many games for a couple of years...
  8. at 2.6ghz it will pose a problem with some of the higher end cards.
  9. At stock frequency the 920 will lag behind but overclocked to 3.5 GHz and more it's a very capable unit.
  10. wiinippongamer said:
    at 2.6ghz it will pose a problem with some of the higher end cards.

    it all depends on what resolution he plays at...

    and the 1366 socket is already dead. so basically he'll be paying just to overclock his processor with no upgradability (other than the expensive $1000 cpu...)

    He might as well as save up money for a newer cpu/chipset since even a overclocked i7-920 isn't going to last that long... (compared to the current gen stock clocked at 3+ ghz and can overclock to 4.3 and 4.4 ghz easy...)
  11. I'd say 65$ for a used board is well worth it, it should last quite a few more years playing the latest games with a good GPU when overclocked.
  12. wiinippongamer said:
    I'd say 65$ for a used board is well worth it, it should last quite a few more years playing the latest games with a good GPU when overclocked.

    At that price it's definitely worth it... but I still haven't come across a place that sells pretty reliable used motherboards... (especially if you're using it for overclocking)

    anything over $120-130 I'd rather just save another $200 and get a new processor...
  13. I am using an i7 940 OC easily (air) 4GHz and it hasn't been a bottleneck in anything.

    If you can find a cheap ROG Rampage II or III extreme MoBo, I'd suggest it. 920 still has a bunch of life left.
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  15. Thank you everyone for your answers. I really appreciate for providing the choices (specific links etc). My upgrade so far with the GPU cost me around 380$ (after rebates), and I'm still stuck with an old CPU and motherboard. I decided to follow the advice, and just make the best out of what I currently have, since I bought RAM/GPU etc upgrades bearing in mine the 1366 socket i7 920, so it would be pointless to upgrade everything at this point, and may I will just build my new PC in a few years, as now it doesn't make sense to buy a mobo for a chipset that has been dc'ed.

    Thanks everyone for the info!
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