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Hey guys I just finished my first gaming rig and was wanting to know if there were any CPU monitoring programs that I could bring up while I am playing a game or just surfing the internet?! I have looked into it some but it seems that a lot of the CPU monitors out there have to many add on for what I want to do. I do however would like to have one that monitors all my CPU's (4) and tells me the temperature.

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  1. Try out PCWizard 2012. It's free and after you boot it up, you can minimize it and it will 'HUD' in the top corner. I've never tried it and then booted a game, but I'm sure if you set it for always on top, you could then see it in a game.
  2. try out speccy.

    It give all specs even minor ones unlike cpu-z
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    I like to use a simple Windows 7 gadget on the desktop to keep an eye on CPU and RAM usage. The one I use is All CPU Meter. It will display the temperature for each core if you install PC Meter along with it. The widget is nice to have running in the background.

    For stress testing I like to use dedicated software like HWMonitor, Real Temp, or Core Temp since they keep track of Min/Max while the desktop gadget does not.

    All CPU Meter:
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  5. Thank you guys for your help i chose CoreTemp but they all seem to work the same! thank you all for your answers!!!
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