HD 6770 vs GTX 560 ti

hi. i currently have a radeon HD 6770

its a nice little card that runs games well but im thinking about upgrading. However, how much improvement will i see if i got a gtx 560 ti?

With my 6770 i play battlefield 3 on high settings around 35ish FPS. Will there be significant improvement in gaming with the gtx 560ti? Should i get it?

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  1. It would be almost twice as fast.
  2. hmm alright. i figured it was an upgrade but just making sure. double the price, double the performance. ill probably get it.
  3. It will almost be the difference between night and day but here is a link to help. If you look on the second link it will show that a 6770 is very much the same as a 5770. Just some miner differences.

    So on the first link will show you the differences between the 5770 and the 560 Ti since the 5770 is close in spec's to the 6770. Hope this helps and Good luck to you.


  4. alright thanks. I tried using that website but i couldnt find the 6770, so i couldnt compare :(
  5. Correct, The 560 Ti is a bucket faster than the radeon 6770! The AMD equivalent is the Radeon HD 6950 BTW.

    If you can live with your 6770 for another month or two I'd strongly suggest waiting until the Radeon HD7870 and 7850 come out. You'll find that they should outperform the 560 Ti and will be cheaper to run power wise and produce less heat!

    In the meantime give your 6770 an overclock with MSI afterburner.

    BTW what cpu/motherboard are you running? The 560 Ti requires a decent CPU to avoid bottlenecks!
  6. how much will the 7870 and the 7850 be? i wanted this gtx 560 ti because i wanted to spend around 200$

    i currently have a phenom ii x4 980 be and this motherboard

    will these be a bottleneck to the gtx 560ti?

  7. They will not.

    What power supply do you have? Resolution of your monitor?
  8. your cpu will not bottleck a gtx 560ti even without an overclock it an good gaming cpu.:)

    look at this card if u are thinking to buy more cheaper gpu.:)

  9. gtx 560ti will be 85% or more or less better then hd 6770.:)
  10. alright thanks guys
  11. computernewb said:
    alright thanks guys

    Just remember that the 560 Ti requires a 500w PSU and the PSU should be a Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and XFX type brands. If you have a PSU that has 19 amp on the 12v rail.

    If you have two 12v rails they should total up to 19amps or higher. If you are using a 450w PSU and the amps on the 12v rail is 19 or better then there would be enough power to run the 560 ti.
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