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I am currently searching for the best and cheapest method to getting realistic graphics in Flight Simulator X. I will never consider overclocking my video card, nore will I buy a new one. searching for addon scenery downloads is a waste of time because no matter where I put the file, it wont work. I do have all my FSX graphics settings on ultra high. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. P.S. If it matters, I am running on a corei5 proc. radeon 5770 4G RAM video card. W 7 OS.
  2. I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm not about to spend an extra $130 just to make a video game's graphics more realistic. If I recall, thats Microsoft's job, seeing how it's their game. I admit I have been longing for better graphics and I would spend my time getting them but not even $20, let alone $130. Anyone who'd spend that much on hardware, just to make one game look more realistic, I would say, is a little obsessed with the game.
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