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Hi there, This is going to be a long post as I feel there is allot to explain.

A while ago my friend bought a computer from Cyberpower. One day mid use it crashed and would not come back on.
She tried to turn it back on and eventually a quick BSOD appeared saying something about overclocking, the pc never came back on after that. A friend of hers took away her CPU and confirmed it no longer worked.

Due to her warranty expiring, she asked me if i could replace the CPU and get it working again. At that time the replacement CPU would of cost her £85.00, she agreed to leave it for then, untill she got some more money available.

She dropped the PC off at my house 6 months ago, we tested out her ram and found one stick of it dead.

So last week she told me she was now willing to get it up and running again. Since she lives on a small budget i recommended switching her CPU to AMD as it was more cost effective and could get more bang for her buck. The replacement ram (ddr2)and intel CPU were going to cost as much as improving everything.

I went for the GIGABYTE 970A DS3
Corsair XMS classic ddr3 ram kit 4gb
And a AMD Athlon II X4 640 Quad-Core 3.0GHz Processor
Which was a massive upgrade to what she had for a small amount more.

The build went fine, but there is a really big problem the hard drive will hardly boot. It's running Windows XP and it's took around 25 restarts to finally get it into safe mode but we can't do much while it's in there. She has some really personal documents that she hasn't backed up.

From the offset the Hard drive looks really corrupted, and a recovery disk isn't really working.
Could the cpu dying cause such a massive Windows corruption?

The turning on process goes like this.
Motherboard screen.
Windows Loading screen,
Really quick BSOD like 1/4 of a second. ( can't make anything out!)
Restarts itself then asks what I'd like to do. Start windows normally repeats the same process as above, Start from last known good setting does nothing and safe mode crashes 50 percent of the time while scanning through the drivers on the black screen.

I'm at a loss here and any suggestions would really be helpful. When something like this happened to my hard drive I managed to get windows to do a repair scan after next restart, I tried with this and just keeps BSOD and restarting.

Thanks for reading, I tried to include as much information as I could. Cheers Rob,
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  1. If you change the motherboard and cpu manufacturer, you will have to do a clean windows install. If you had just replaced the previous cpu, it would have started right up.
  2. Katana is correct, the OEM copy of windows that Cyberpower had installed was licensed only to the old motherboard, and that license is no longer valid on your new motherboard. You will need a new windows license for the new motherboard.
  3. Oh dear that sucks, I've never come across this before. Is there any way other than buying a new Intel cpu that i can gain access to the hard drive and at least pull files off? Thanks for the reply.
  4. You should be able to boot into Linux and read the HDD. You can boot to Linux off a USB drive if you don't want to install it. It's slow though if you don't have USB3.
  5. FinneousPJ said:
    You should be able to boot into Linux and read the HDD. You can boot to Linux off a USB drive if you don't want to install it. It's slow though if you don't have USB3.

    Ok thank you, I'll look into that. So I'm guessing you would use linux at the same time as windows? I've not used linix ever before.

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