How powerful is the HD 5830 1GB?

I'm selling my HD 5830 and the interested buyer is unfamiliar with the performance of the card, and wants a comparison to the current gen offerings by AMD (6000-series) and Nvidia (500-series).

My best guess its between HD 6770 and HD 6850 for AMD, and about GTX 550 for Nvidia.
Your thoughts?
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    Basically equal to the HD 6790 and faster than a GTX 550. See following link for benchmarks.
  2. I didn't know HD 6790 even existed, but it look's dead on equivalent!

    As for Nvidia, judging from the charts it looks like something between the GTX 550Ti and the GTX 560 non-ti. Maybe like the GTX 460?
  3. Slower than a GTX 460 768MB by about 5% and slower than a GTX 460 1GB by about 15%.
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