GTX 580 coil whine

I have had a GTX 580 for about 2 months and it just now started making noises that i now know are coil whine. The weird thing is that it only occurs during atitool and it did not do it for the first two months i had it even when i tried it in atitool. I would just like to know if there is anything I can do about it and if it is dangerous and something i should be worried about. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Well if possible you might want to see if it's touching the fan (which it probably is)...

    You might wanna call the manufacturer to get it replaced.

    It can be dangerous depending on whether its grounded or not (most likely is still grounded) but your better off getting it replaced as you are risking possible damage to your hardware.
  2. You must have astounding hearing if you can hear a coil whine in a video card, especially a tiny solid state inductor about 1/3rd the size of a postage stamp, How about maybe fan whine?
    Google inductors in video cards for pictures.
  3. Well if it's a coil whine you MUST get that exchanged with a new one.

    If it's a fan whine then try slowing down or speeding up the fan speed.
  4. Ok i removed the graphics card and tried removing all dust and everything and retried atitool. I'm almost positive it is coil whine because i unplugged the fan and it still made the same noise, but are you sure coil whine is that dangerous? Because I've read on other forums, such as this: I would rather not RMA the card for an issue that seems like it isnt damaging the card especially since it only occurs during ATItool and not BF3 or any of the games i play. Thanks for your responses.
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