I have a 22" monitor that had 1920x1080 resolution on VGA but I recently upgraded to a Radeon 9870 and wanted to try out HDMI. I thought there would be a better picture quality with the HDMI but it actually could not go above a 1400x1050 resolution which I found odd. This is obviously worse than the VGA cable. Is there a way to get a higher res on HDMI or should I go back to VGA?? Thanks!
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    odd. HDMI should allow for a much higher resolution than that. I'm guessing that is a Radeon 6870 not 9870 (otherwise it makes no sense). Only things that I can think of are Driver issues (always use the latest 12.1 at current) and you can also try another HDMI cable if possible.
  2. .... HDMI should able to handle 1920x1080 .... I think will be some setting issue...
  3. Try changing your resolution, though it should automatically adjust, and check for the latest drivers.
  4. Did you update the drivers? What's the maximum resolution of your monitor?
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