Will a gtx 560 ti work well with a intel core 2 duo processor

i ve got an old intel core 2 duo e4600@2.4ghz..
with an old intel motherboard and 6gb of ddr2 ram
i recently installed a nvidia gtx 560 ti card along wid a corsair 600w supply
i m finding performance lags in many games like crysis 2 and mafia 2
i play at a resolution of 1366x768...
can anyone please identify the probelm with my lagging computer!!!!
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    You processor is bottlenecking your card. You will need a new processor/mobo in order to stop the bottlenecking, or you can overclock if your motherboard allows you to.
  2. ^+1 for overclock.:) in some games which uses more gpu u will not see that much bottleneck but the games like skyrim which is cpu dependent then it will botlleneck overclock will be good.:)
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