help pls.. gts 450

help pls ... is there anything i can do ... ?

my pc not working with my video card installed but

when the video card in not installed,

my pc runs normally (but my time reverts back to january 22, 2002)...

pls help ... !

i've got true rated psu 500w...

e5800 3.20 ghz
asus p5g41c-m lx
2gb ram
500 gb seagate sata
dvd rom writer/reader

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  1. Does the card even start up? Does the power supply have enough amperages?
  2. the card's fan ... runs very well ...
    (if it's not installed)

    i think yes..

    here's my psu
  3. What do you mean it runs well without the fan installed?
  4. when my video card is not installed in my pc

    the fan run ..

    but when i installed it my pc blinks only a second
  5. Does that card works on other machines? may be the card is faulty. And ensure you connected the PCI-E power plug to the card.
  6. yeah i tried that on my other pc but same results.. but i dont think ,, it's the card's problem because before i bought it i was running very well
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