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Hello all, first time posting with this account, since it has been so long since my last build I have forgotten my accounts details! Anyway, I'm building a really budget setup for my dad with some old parts that I never got around to selling and some newer budget parts, and I have been unable to get the thing running, so I am here to pick your collective brains.

Here is the setup-Intel Pentium D 920 processor
Abit FP-IN9 motherboard (switched to an Intel DP965LTCK mobo to see if that worked, and sadly no)
2-1GB sticks of G.Skill 800MHz ram
Geforce 9600 GT graphics card
Cooler Master Elite 400w psu

and a hard drive and disk drive that don't matter because the damn thing won't post

Here's what happened-The Abit mobo, cpu, and ram are from an older build of my computer, and they worked the last time they were together, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues. The psu is a bit iffy, I've never had cooler master before, but it is brand new and should handle the load from the pent d and the 9600 gt, I checked the amp requirements for both. I have everything together, and I power on, and the fans come on, but no beeps, and a black screen. SO I stripped out all non essential stuff, and tried with one stick of ram at a time, even though it should give me a beep code if one or more is bad.

I have had bad luck with mobos in the past, and assumed that the abit mobo had gone bad in the few years of storage, so I bought the intel board and put the pent d in it, and while the 9600 gt is physically too big to fit in the board, it should still boot without it, but give beep codes; nothing happened. Fans come on, but still no beep codes.

So, my question is; is the cpu bad? I assume so, but I want someone else's opinion before I buy a new one.
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  1. It definitely sounds like a bad CPU. No beep codes and it not booting on two different mobos leaves nothing else, except the small chance of a bad PSU. A quick way to check is to use another PSU to quickly see if that powers up the PC. I doesn't sound like that'll result in anything different though if you get fans and the like.
  2. You could also attempt a boot without any ram in the slota and that shoulh defietly give a beep code.
  3. inzone said:
    You could also attempt a boot without any ram in the slota and that shoulh defietly give a beep code.

    If it's a bad CPU it still won't generate any beep codes without ram. If its not generating a code with ram (even bad ram) then it should't change matters without ram.
  4. Doesn't ever hurt to try before throwing in the towel.
  5. Just a followup, I replaced the pentium d 920 with a 945 I got on ebay, works fine now. Thanks for your answers!
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