Fx 4100 hitting 60C under load

i have a tx3 evo cooler and the fan doesnt seem to spin very fast and under load my fx 4100 hits 58-60 C and the fan spins at around 1100 rpm, is this a normal temperature? also how can i increase the fan speed?
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  1. Have you overclocked your CPU at all? Also, is the mount for the cooler properly installed? Also, what is your ambient temperature?
  2. nope, its still at stock speed (3.6ghz) and the cooler is mounted right with heat paste and i dont know the ambient temperature
  3. How much thermal compound did you apply?

    You may want to check some things inside the BIOS regarding the CPU fan spinning up if this problem persists.
  4. right now its running at 57C on minecraft, i put a pea sized blob of thermal paste on and ive tried changing the fan speed in bios but it didnt work
  5. How is the cable management inside your case? Is there ample room for air to move towards the CPU cooler?

    Also it would be great if you could show me a screenshot of CPU-Z with your CPU under load, I'm concerned about the voltages now.
  6. are you monitoring the internal cpu temp or the motherboard socket temp? if thats the mb socket, thats fairly normal. If thats the internal cpu temp, may be a bit high.
  7. ^ Thanks for pointing that out, forgot about the socket and core temps :lol:

    However, those voltages seem pretty high for a stock FX-4100...I think you should be able to lower it down to the 1.3xv range. My Phenom II ran stock at 1.3v, no doubt a more power efficient chip would be able to.
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