Will my pico psu power this

hi there i am looking to power my system using a 200 peak output pico psu. my ststme is

intel 2120 cpu 65 w
ocz 120 agility 3 ssd 2.7w
asus p8h61 m board
lg slimline dvd drive
ati 6570 or 6470 graph card 1gb i think 60 -80 w according to online results
8gb kingston ddr3 1333 hyperx memory

using the pico one as there is abosolutly no way on earth a psu can fit in my case so it has to be external? will the psu power it according to the internet checker it may what do you guys think?
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  1. I would recommend changing your PSU. The fact that it says it's a 200w Peak output PSU just makes me want to walk away from it.


    This is cheap, reliable, and will power almost any GPU up to a Radeon HD7770/7850
  2. thaks
  3. mocchan said:
    I would recommend changing your PSU.

    Easier said then done in a SFF case with sub-ATX PSU form factor. Changing the PSU effectively means either leaving it dangling outside the case or changing the case as well.
  4. Good point, didn't realise that until now.

    Though IMO, there's nothing wrong with leaving a PSU outside the case if you aren't going to transport it a lot. Few options OP may want to consider :)
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