HP 09F0h motherboard

what size power supply should this be running? it's just that I got one with a dead 350 power supply and when I replaced it. It blew out, but is running a 500
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  1. The motherboard should run on any, more a matter of all the other stuff that is hooked in. Normally HP's basic systems ship with 250-350watt!
  2. Hp typically supplied 200-300w units with those depending on the form factor of the case.
  3. Cheers people, I thought so; but being a novice, I thought it best to ask. I'm just 'playing' in the dark here.
  4. You actually planning on putting that board to use?
    Throw it out.
    Though its a socket 775 motherbd it cant run a core processor or above. Your stuck with p4's and maybe a pentium d. Not worth investing funds into it when you can get an motherbd,cpu, ram for a little over $100 that would run circles around it.
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