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I have an old 166 Mhz computer that is still very viable. The HDD crashed, and I want to replace just that. Does it really matter if I get 5600 rpm vs 7200 rpm? It's only a $30 diff, but that's still $30...
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  1. It may be a $30 difference, but 7200 RPM hard drives do have a noticeable performance improvement over 5400 RPM hard drives. However, on a system that old, it's hard to say if it would make very much of a difference.

    I would say if you plan on using the P166 for a good while longer, get the 5400 and save yourself $30, but if there is any slight possibility of upgrading in the near future, definitely get the 7200 rpm.

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  2. The computer is old I do not think there will be an big difference in performance. Just get the cheaper one. You might want to make sure the motherboard supports hard drive larger than 8.4 Gig.
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