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Can anyone help? I'm buying my daughter her first computer and we have decided on a Sony Vaio. Should I get the i3 or i5 processor? She is going into high school and will be using it for school work, surfing the web, social media, netflix, games and pictures. Not sure I should spend the money to upgrade to an i5 but the Sony people say that I should if she is watching youtube and other videos. My IT friend says it is not necessary. I have an i3 that is over a year old and I have buffering issues when looking at videos. Not sure this has anything to do with it being an i3 but I wouldn\'t want her to have the same issues
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  1. For watching videos I3 is fine! I see you mention games, which ones and what is the graphics card?
  2. You won't see any benefit going from an i3 to an i5 for your daughter's computer usage.
  3. I watch videos all the time on my i3. no issues at all.
    Buffering issues would be network by the way. Nothing to do with the cpu itself.
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