Is Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 good for gaming???

does Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 support games like crysis 2,assassin creed, batman arkham asylum..etc???if not which is the graphics card that support these games?????
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  1. The card in question would possibly manage these games on extremely low settings, i doubt it would manage batman at all. What is your budget for a card?
  2. What do u mean by budget??????
  3. How much money would you be willing to spend on a graphics card?
  4. What do u mean by budget??????
  5. about Rs 2000
  6. What is that in dollars?
  7. that price is inr means indian rupees.:)

    1dollars means rs 50 so rs 2000 means 40 dollars.

    on that price you will get it why not you collect some more money.:)
  8. wait to collect more money upto 6000rs and get a good card.
  9. Perhaps buy someones used card. Let us know before buying it.
    5450 is not a card for gaming.
  10. collect some more money buy atleast a hd 6670 or hd 6770 u will get a hd 7750 on that price and it is o new tech.
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