New build doesnt power up

Wusup guys, well i just built a new rig with:
- i7 3770k
- 8GB RAM Corsair Vengeance
- Gigabyte ud5h motherboard
- 2x 120 gb SSD
- MSI R7850 oc
- Antec trupower neo 750 W (other rig)

Everything is correctly plugged in, the standby LED on the motherboard is on (orange color) and when i power it, i only see a slight move of one fan which last like a half second. I tried booting by switching Ram sticks to others slots, tried booting without video card, opened Cpu slot and replaced it . So i come to two main suspects:
- motherboard

But well i didnt notice any fried fuses on it. Could it be Powersupply fault?
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  1. Two powers from PSU plugged in? 24 pin, and 4/8 pin? Thats what I would suspect you might have forgot the 4/8 pin for the CPU power.
  2. yes ! :( i also forgot to say i have H80 liquid cooling kit with it
  3. I would check the 8 pin by the CPU, I had one one time that was 2 4pin and the had to be in a certain order, maybe the case, or try with just one stick of ram.
  4. I did like I said earlier :p
  5. The PC doesnt even POST
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    Go to your local electronics store with a good return policy (Best Buy, for example) that sells PSUs. Test that, if it works then you know what your problem is. Return the store-bought PSU, get your refund and RMA the one you just used in your new build.
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