Does 300W graphics card work on 255W PSU???

i have a graphx card which has a power of minimum 300W... But my PSU is 255W... will it work for gaming or does it get any problem in my system???????????
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  1. You'll burn up your power supply trying to feed the card and probably destroy the card when it does. There are power supply calculators on line where you plug in your system components and the calculator will tell what size PSU you need.

    I'm going with no, don't do it.
  2. Dude don't bother just buy a new psu :lol: .The card may work but it will burnout your smps soon :( .
    This must be some generic PSU ( Don't take it personally.This is 2011 time to take out the trash :pfff: )
    let me tell you that ur PSU will put out 170w-230w and your gpu is rated 300w.I cannot tell the power rating unless i know the card model.a card of 300w will not draw 300w from smps check this webite to know your power rating( this will give the max TDP of your card
    i suggest you buy yourself a genic psu of 500w/400w at least or get a good psu like the (corsair cx 400)

    So hope this helped ;)
  3. If your PSU is from a Dell then it probably would be good enough. But if it is a generic one, then you probably should get a new one. Antec, Seasonic, and XFX are good brands, and you can use this to determine the wattage that you need.
  4. I had some garbage acer computer, it had one of those gray less than 300W PSU's.

    I've been using a Geforce 9500GS on that.....for almost 3 years now.

    No problems.

    But TBH I didn't really care about that computer because I knew I would build a computer soon ( Which I have ) :D
  5. pradert said:
    i have a graphx card which has a power of minimum 300W... But my PSU is 255W... will it work for gaming or does it get any problem in my system???????????

    This is obviously a joke people, don't respond to these posts. :non:
  6. Well, that depends on the graphics card model and the rest of your system. What's your chip ? What's the gpu's maximum TDP ? What's your CPU, is it OC'd ?
    300w is the recommended "minimum" power supply, but most likely it means that the GPU needs 150w at worst, so you may be able to jump through the eye of the needle, if you have a low-power system otherwise.

    Still, if it's a crappy PSU, you will have to change it. Most of the cheap PSU's provide their rated wattage in 3,3 and 5 volt rails, which is irrelevant for the GPUs, as they use the 12v rails.
  7. Really need more info.
    When You see 300 Watts required for a given GPU, that is (A) Not just the GPU, but the Whole system and (B) they are over rating to compensate for the "crappy" pSU that are on the market.

    Without knowing your Graphics card, nor your computer (Really just the CPU and is it Overclocked) and the Brand/model of your PSU it is really hard to give a answer.

    The comments about the quality of your PSU, may be spot on, But unk untill you identify.

    An example: I have a I5-2500k OCed to 4.2 GHz) with a 6870 ATI GPU. The power measured at the wall is 350 W when fully loaded (ie running furmark). My I5-750 OCed to 3.2 GHz w/ATI 6770 GPU is around 300 Watts when running furmark.

    What I do is google a review of the GPU card and look to see what their system power is. Then the Minium size that I would use whould be (a) AT least 30 % higher, ie min for 350 watt should be 450 Watt and for a 300 W say a 400 Watt. NOTE, I'm NOT USING THE wattage provided by GPU, nor calculators!!! And (B) make sure it is a quality PSU - google reviews for it!!.

    Just Like I would not buy a Cheap, low quality, pron to fail pacesmaker for my heart, I would NOT recommend a PSU that is better used to prop a door open than to operate/protect all of the rest of my computer.
  8. There are video cards that use 300w, so it's possible he has a 300w video card, I don't know cause my crystal balls isn't working today. But to say you have a video card that needs 300w (not including cpu and other components) and asking if you can run it on a 225w psu......well it's obviously a joke.
  9. Sounds more like a card asking you to have a 300 watt power supply. As others have said, depends on the card and system.

    After all, a 5770 on the AMD site says 450 watt power supply minimum, but the card it self takes very little power and runs just fine in my media center with a 300 watt power supply.

    If the card it self needs 300 watts(like it has and 8 pin(150 watts) and 6(75) pin power connector and 75 from the board or 2 8 pin power connectors), then don't do it....
  10. Most GPU cards that require 300 Watts all by itself are generally the Very high end that tend to be rather pricey. Somehow, while possible - just coul not place the question from someone who was planning on buying that high end stick in a system that came with such a LOW end PSU
  11. I have Dell 255w psu here are my specs:

    4x2gb cards of ddr2 ram

    Core2Duo E8400 3.0ghz

    Ati HD Radeon 5450 Silent 1Gb

    Motherboard Optiplex 755

    All of this i got with used Dell Optiplex 760
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