What thickness thermal pads to get for laptop chips

I have an Asus laptop that has been running pretty hot so I wanted to clean it out and re-apply the thermal paste. I cleaned out the fan and the copper grill surrounding the fan. I also took off the heatsink. There are three chips under the heatsink. The first is the CPU and that has thermal paste. The other two is the video chip and North Bridge and they have thermal pads. These aren't the ones that melt like the ones used on OEM CPU heatsinks but the more solid ones that are used on the VRM video card water blocks. So I was looking at these

The thing is I don't know what thickness to get. There is .5, 1.0 and 1.5. What size thickness do you think these chips use.
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  1. As thin as possible. .5
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    Why not apply some thermal compound and that way you can control how thin you want to apply it.
  3. I guess I can but without the pads it seems like the copper heatsink doesn't seem to make very good contact with the chip even when the heatsink is screwed in.
  4. Well you can go with what you feel comfortable with as long as there's some type of thermal material there.
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