Old pc upgrade.:)

hiiii all,

i have my old pc whichi was thinking to upgrade a gpu from onboard to pcie.
so here is my specs:-

amd athlon ii x2 4600+ @2.4ghz i dont wanna overclock it mobo doesnt allow that.

2gb ram.

and all thing is fine.

so here is my choice:-

hd 7750 which is of rs 6000.(110$)

hd 6770 which will be around rs 6000 or more.(110 or more)

gts 450 maybe. :D

i think i should go with hd 7750 which gives similar performance as hd 6770 and its of newer tech and also its cheaper then that in india. :D

what would you guys recommend.

btw thanks to all have a good day.:)
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  1. You CPU is going to heavily bottleneck an HD 7750, but if its cheapest go ahead. Being you're coming from on-board graphics you'll have no point of comparison to see if its bottlenecked (any graphics card will be better than what you currently have).
  2. Be sure you have a good quality PSU and enough wattage to run such a massive card.
  3. An HD 7750 isn't a massive card. If the O.P. has even a 300W pre-built power supply it can handle it - no external power connector needed.
  4. i m going to built new pc on my birthday this july.

    i know which things to get but it will be better if i ask you guys first for clearification:)

    so i think these will be my specs:-

    amd phenom ii x4 965be or 970be.

    4gb gskill ripjaws and i will upgrade more after some time.

    psu:- cx500 or seasonic 620w or xfx 550w pro.

    but all i think is should i buy a graphic card for now for older gpu or buy new whole system that i have given there with 880g chipset mobo am3+ i was thinking that it will be good to run an onboard hd 4250 for that time and after some time buy a new gpu or buy now one hd 7750?

    i m getting this becuz my father doesnt give me money for pc upgrades i have to collect my own thats why i cant buy all in one.
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