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This is the setup I would like to go with for my new build. I will be adding more to it when I recover from the cost of the initial build such as SSD, another video card, ect... Just want to get a check to see if all the components I chose are compatible. My main concern is the mobo matchup to the CPU I chose. Should I just get the non-OC model CPU for this board or does the factory OC on the k model actually matter that much? Well, anyways, here it is
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  1. For gaming, the i7 is not going to give you any benefits. Stick with the i5-3570k.

    Unless you plan to run more than 2 GPUs in CF/SLI, get a Mid-Tower Case like the Carbide 500R. It is completely tool-free.

    Get RAM without the heatsinks. Something like this..

    If you don't plan on SLI, cut back the PSU to a 550W unit; something like this.

    With the $ saved above, get a 120GB/128GB SSD like this, this or this. Those are the three most reliable SSDs on the market. Check out Tom's SSD Hierarchy Chart for their tiers.
  2. Your advice is much appreciated!
  3. So the MoBo was a good choice?
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