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Hello, I just got moved up to college and brought my computer as well as a laptop with me. While at home, when I had speakers plugged into my PC, my headphones as well as the microphone built into the headset worked fine. Now that I'm all moved in and situated here, without speakers plugged in, I cannot get sound to come out of my headphones, the microphone works fine, but I can't get any sound at all. I've tried downloading all the new drivers for my motherboard as well as the headset itself, which is a steel series. Any input would be helpful
Thanks in advance!
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  1. You can go into the control panel under sound and otherdevices and set the sound chip to use just headphones.
  2. I don't even see it as an option.. my only options are realtek Digital output and realtek Digital output (optical), and I have realtek Digital output selected.
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    In the rear I/O panel do you have the headphones pluged into the lime green connector?
  4. Yes I have tried it that way and the front 2 connectors as well.
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  6. Wooo! It's working now! Thank you very much sir!
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