I need a PCIe 16X Gen 1.0 video card with HDMI port

I have a MSI P4M900MS board I want to plug into my TV via the HDMI port. I have found out that the VIA chipset on it will not support PCIe Ver 2 and on so I need to find a Gen 1 video card with and HDMI port. I have not had any luck. Does anyone know of one? I also hear that some Gen 2 cards can be flashed to Gen 1, does anyone know of any cards with HDMI I can flash down?

Also do those DVI to HDMI adapters actually work and give real HDMI?

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  1. Your mobo has pcie x16 (pcie 2.0) is this somehow not compatible with other PCIe 2.0 cards? I couldn't find much on gen1/2.

    But if you need HDMI there are a couple things you can do either way.
    1) Get a DVI - HDMI cable (will not carry audio)
    2) Buy a card just for HDMI that runs something simple, like PCIe 1.0
    3) Figure out what you need in the x16 dept, which I can't help you with so much
  2. His mobo is 1.0, here's the spec sheet. http://www.msi.com/product/mb/P4M900M.html Dvi and hdmi are both digital signals, the only difference is dvi has no audio so if you use an adapter, you have no audio. x1 and 1.0 are completely different things, x1 is the size, 1.0 is the version and that link is to a 2.0 card. You won't find a 1.0 card with hdmi, they're just too old, before hdmi came out. You could use an adapter and use the 3.5mm jack for audio which would probably need an external sound system. Most tv's will only look for hdmi audio when hdmi is plugged in.
  3. http://www.zotac.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=100262&lang=en&vmcchk=1&Itemid=100262

    The Card I linked is 2.0 but compatible with 1.1... not sure if that helps OP though...

    Also note that 1.1 is supposed to be fully backwards compliant with 1.0a. I have one of these cards and a 1.0 mobo I can test on in a couple days. I'll report back then.

    As for the DVI -> HDMI thing... A lot of TV's will look for audio on the HDMI and won't allow you to get audio from elsewhere (3.5mm) but this isn't the rule.

    My Sony Bravia will allow you to take audio from RCA on HDMI 1, so I run a DVI->HDMI cable and then a 3.5mm to RCA Y-cable for the audio and all is good. I have heard of other brands/TV sets doing similar things, although I can't speak from first hand experience on things I don't have. OP will need to test this or look into his TV manual for hints.
  4. The issue is his chipset isn't compatible with 2.0 cards. It makes no difference if it's compatible with 1.1, it's still 2.0 and he has 1.0. Most 775 mobos are intel chipsets, his is not, it's a via p4m900. Most mobos (which are intel) had a bios update which made them compatible with 2.0 and most to 2.1, intel is pretty good for updating but not via, they never released an update. I've got g965 chipset which is compatible with 2.1 and it's 1.0.

    My panasonic won't take composite input with hdmi in, I have to hook up my 3.5mm to my surround. Spdif still works though but it's still another cord in addition to hdmi. Not that it makes a difference to me since the surround drowns out the tv speakers. It was a cheap tv anyways, I'm not complaining.
  5. The card is compatible with 1.1 chipsets, according to the manufacturer:
    PCI Express 2.0 x16 (Compatible with 1.1)

    But like I said, I will test this out in a couple days and post back.

    My bravia wasn't cheap. =p But I'll never buy another sony TV knowing what I know now. Too much proprietary BS and the picture is the same as any decent brand would be. So what did I pay for? A name and restrictions? f-that shizznit.
  6. The TV I am going to plug it into is a Sharp Aquis LC-42D85U. It has a VGA port and a 3.5mm audio that I am currently using however the picture quality is not all that good and it is only in the center of the TV not high def that uses the full screen. I am hoping going to HDMI will give me a nice full HD picture. If the HDMI adapter is the same picture then I can give that a try as well as experiment if the 3.5mm audio will work at the same time.

    It is interesting that from reading this thread that some adapter company like Monoprice has not come up with a DVI/3.5mm cable on one end and HDMI on the other just for this situation.

  7. There are cables like that but it doesn't work like that. Since 3.5mm is analog, you would need a converter and those start at ~$40. I know there are analog to digital cables with converters built on them but I didn't see any for dvi+3.5 to hdmi.
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