Windows 7 on Athlon 64 x2 3800+ 2.0GHz and 4gb of DDR 400

Ok, my brother wants a pc mostly for minecraft and other not so demanding games, but he's really cheap. I have said cpu and ram laying around and would like to know how well they would play minecraft with Windows 7 x64. Graphics card would be HD 5570.

And also, I upgraded my Phenom II heatsink and have the stuck one, will this fit on a 939 bracket?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It'll probably run minecraft easily. Is it going to be a fast computer compared to most comps nowadays? Nope. Is it enough to play minecraft? Yes.
  2. Also in regards to your heatsink... It might possibly work but I would think not as Socket 939 was way outdated / EOLD when recent AM2+/ AM3 / Am3+ processors were released.
  3. Chuck it. I wouldn't be surprised if Youtube stutters with one other open tab.
  4. Honestly I think it should suffice for Minecraft, My old laptop C2D @ 2.2GHz and Radeon 4530M were certainly capable of playing MC and those two basically perform in the same category.
  5. I'd imagine he'd be fine like the others said. My old 3800 served me well for several years and upgraded to i5 at the start of the year. I upgraded for speedier video transcoding/audio work and have had a good boost, but for everyday tasks I'd be hard pushed to know the difference.

    Not gaming much at the moment and I know the old cpu would struggle with modern stuff, but there again stuck with my old 7900gs for the time being so your brother is luckier than me lol
  6. Smeg45 said:
    Chuck it. I wouldn't be surprised if Youtube stutters with one other open tab.

    You don't need a i7 to play youtube videos without stuttering, i can play youtube videos with a AMD sempron without stuttering.

    That would be good enough for youtube and minecraft (not at the same time probably).
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