Freezing issues. Asus DCII 570

Hey all,

I have been having some issues when I try and start up games. Honestly, I only have two games installed right now. (World of Tanks & Skyrim) They both crash with a minute of starting the game. Its not just the card that freezes but the entire computer. I get no error codes and its getting quite frustrating. This build is less than a week old.

My build:

Core i5-2500k @ 4.7Ghz
8GB Gskill memory DDR3 1600Mhz
Asus P8P67 Deluxe Mobo (Bios 2302)
Asus DCII Gtx 570 GPU (Stock)
750W Antec Modular PSU
120GB Sandisk SSD/320GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM

I have tried everything I know, such as loading bios defaults and updating bios to most recent. Running processor at reference speeds and using WHQL 295.73 for GPU drivers. I dont know what else to do. Any suggestions?

Also, I tried running furmark and it freezes as well around 40% mark on both 720p and 1080p benchmarks. Diagnostics dont show any hardware malfunctions... so what gives?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sorry im using Windows 7 64 Home Premium
  2. Try to raise the Vcore of the 570 to 1.013V if it is lower.
    Check that the RAM voltage and speed are correct for the 2500K.
  3. ok, well I did set the Vcore to 1.013V and at 17% it went to a black screen and never recovered. I Checked the ram in bios and its at 1.5v and i tried 1333/1600mhz.
  4. What was the Vcore of the 570 before you set it to 1.013v?
    What is at 17% ?
  5. Im using EVGA precision to adjust Vcore, and it was at the default 1.0000 before i changes it. When I did adjust it, I ran furmark again and it locked up at 17%
  6. Ugh I had my monitor at 60Hz so i switched it to 59hz and i thought i had it working but it was just wishful thinking. Thanks for the suggestions thus far.

    Any more?
  7. Yea I would say its stable, I ran prime for about 3 hours after intial overclock. didnt get past 69c. Regardless, I had it on stock after my problems occured thinking my overclock was the problem. (Its stock as of this post) Using Hyper 212 Evo with push/pull setup.
  8. Although it just locks up during gameplay, once in a while it says this when running Furmark.

    The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue. The application must close.
    Error Code 7
  9. Do you guys think its a software issue or hardware?
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