Core i3 2120 1 core runs HOTTER

Core 1 is always between 5C and 7C hotter than core 0. Is this normal? I am using stock cooler and a non expensive asrock h61 mobo.
Thanks for your help in advance.
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  1. Yeah, it's fine. I have one core on my 2500K that is basically the same way (more like 3-5C, for me). It's normal, though, if for no other reason than one core is being used more than the other.
  2. The one core is being.... *reads DJ's post then leaves thread*
  3. Thanks!
  4. You're welcome. :)
  5. I just got my 2120 and core 1 is cooler by 8c
    -Adam Ericson
  6. There will always be temp fluctuation ;)

    For EX:
    1 core of my 2600K has a 9C difference :p
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