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Hi i am having a serious problem with my lap top. My problem started about a year into owning my laptop. The problem is that when i turn it on it takes much longer at the asus loading screen to then just finally go to a black screen displaying only a blinking _ (underscore). depending on my boot option it will then display a message telling me to reboot and select a proper boot device. these are the following things i have tryed

-Switching around boot orders to try and have it boot from CD/DVD, usb drive, or HDD
-pressing esc to select boot device that way
-taking out HDD in different orders or having non in with just a boot-able dvd in the disk drive
- i have tried changing multiple boot settings in my bios and all sorts of settings just to see if it may change anything
-I have pulled my cmos battery once for about 10 sec
-i have tried a repair dvd and a full windows 7 install dvd

Nothing seems to be doing the trick i have gottin into a blue window threw a usb boot device but there is only a default selection that gets me no where it counts down from 10 but when it hits 0 it just starts all over again. So im just wondering if anyone has any other ideas on what i could try next. Or if someone can tell me its the mother board for sure and i can just replace it. any hints tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced.

In addition 1 of my laptops fans broke and it had a terrible over heating problem even when i mounted a 120mm fan to a box to blow air into the laptop it would still get hot. it has over heated and shut down many times because of its poor cooling untill the 120 mm fan that is. could this have messed up the mobo ? is it possible for a mobo to still display bios and recognize boot options but not be able to access any of them due to hardware failure ? thanks again
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  1. 1. Fix the failed fan first.
    2. Download a bootable diagnostic. I like this one, but there are a million. You can burn a CD, you can create a USB drive. Either way, make it first in boot sequence and see if the laptop will boot AFTER you fix the fan.
    3. Yes, it is possible to hurt hardware if you run it over temp. CPUs are protected by internal temp sensors that throttle them, then shut them down. Nothing else is protected (except maybe video if you have high end).
    4. No, I don't think you killed it. But get a fan fixed first. Are you still in warranty? If so call support. If not, either replace the fan yourself or pay someone to do it.

    Good Luck

    edit: forgot the link to bootable diagnostic.
  2. thanks for the reply i actually got a hold of my budys hdd and it seems to be running a repare on my hard drive as i speak so i think i caught the problem it booted off his hdd no problem really wish i tried someone elses hdd a while ago because no bootable cds were able to be read so as far as using a repair tool it was outta the question
  3. damn didnt work out still dosnt load up after the repair i need to wipe n re install on the one hd without tuching my friends and not using a bootable dvd/cd is this possible ?
  4. ok another update i used my friends HDD as stated above installed windows on my media HDD not the one that had the old os it worked fine i booted into windows without a problem checked to make sure it was on the other HDD threw computer i even get the option on startup to select between the 2 os's but the second i removed my friends it goes threw the same loop and displays the black screen telling me to select a proper boot device and the HDD is selected in the bios so im back to square one once again but have to be much closer
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