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I was wondering if anyone has installed a Coolermaster 212+ CPU cooler on a Asus Crossfire V mobo w/8150 processor. I just got the mobo and it looks as if there's a back-plate on the board already. And a plastic component around the CPU that appears like you can just undp the screws and place the X piece onto what's there already. I'm a first time builder and unsure, and I hate to handle the board too much trying to figure it out...Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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  2. refillable said:
    Crosshair V?

    Yes it should be fine and the cooler won't be hitting that 'compnent around the CPU'. These are the heatsink for the CPU VRMs.


    That's a Hyper 212 Evo not + like he's talking about.

    Those black components are for the stock heatsink installation. Remove those to put an aftermarket cooler on.

    See here: http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviewimages/asus-crosshair-v-msi-990fx/asus-crosshair-v-990fx_board.jpg
  3. Oh yes yes you mean that thing... Sorry, I completely misunderstand things here... sorry.
  4. Thanks.
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