A8-3870k Weird Temp Readings

Why am I seeing that? I know it isn't correct.

In BIOS I see an almost equally ridiculous 45C. The stock cooler can't be that bad when ambient is around 23C. Especially if I'm sitting in BIOS doing squat.

Thanks for any help. Want to make sure I have the proper tools to measure temps with before I get into the nitty gritty of gaming/benching with the stock cooler. (Eventually going to get an aftermarket HSF, just too poor atm)
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    The BIOS reading is most likely correct. Running the BIOS tends to load the system more than you'd think due to the way they have to implement it since there's no OS underneath. If there's a tool that comes with the motherboard, try reading the temps with that. I found that my old system with an MSI motherboard had much more believable voltage readings when I used the MSI Control Center vs. any other tool.
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  3. Cheers mate. I am usually reluctant to install any software from a manufacturer (I consider it ALL bloatware) but now I am reading high 20s C which is what I'd expect under idle. Probably not the most accurate, but certainly beats my CPU would make ice cubes.


    edit: im leaving the fan all the way up so 30C should be right. sounds like a r/c airplane is going on nonstop. when i dropped the fan to lowest rpm it was dead quiet and got to about 35C. Apparently I should stick to the vendor utilities from now on.
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