how are you all?

i have hp pavilion branded pc AMD athlon dual core processor 64x2 4400+ dual core processor 2.30ghz
2GB ram 640 Hard drive and power supply 500watts written on that supply i am not sure that psu will be 500.

can i change the GPU fan speeed 50% can i increase the GPU fan speed upto 100% for cooling card chip or for better gaming tell me?

and also tell me if increase the speed of fan there is nothing wrong with card or power supply etc in other words there is no danger or may be

please guide me as soon as possilbe

with best regards

asad mehmood
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  1. The card will automatically adjust the fan speed as it gets warmer. Setting it to 100% won't change a thing.
  2. Use MSI After Burner to monitor and control fan speeds. From my experience After Burner does a better job than CCC does.

    I would also recommend setting a fan profile to keep fan speed percentage in line with GPU temp.

    I have owned two XFX 5770's. My first one lasted right at two years before it started to overheat really bad. The replacement has been better but appears to be slowly warming up. So by monitoring temps I know when I need to RMA this one.
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