Error 43 - Please Help!

I have recently bought a GTX 560ti SC and have not been able to get it working at all!

I recieve the code 43 error in device manager for the hardware. I have tried a number of methods of driver installation (safe mode, drive sweep etc), even a fresh install of OS with no progress whatsoever. I literally cannot get this card to work.

Do you think its DOA?!?!

What should I do, has anyone else had this problem before??
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  1. Please can anyone help with this?! I havent recieved a single reply on ANY forum yet :(
  2. More info is needed. MoBo, CPU, OS for a minimum. Basic items to check: 1.) does another card work in this slot?; 2.) does MoBo require which PCI-s slot you have to run one card, and is it in the right slot?; 3.) make sure the electrical plug in from your power source to card is plugged in fully. Does the fan come on (the gpu fan) when you first start your pc? Can you go into BIOS?
  3. Hi Roger!

    GIgabyte Z68AP-D3
    i5 2500k
    Win 7
    OCZ 650w ZT PSU
    EVGA GTX 560ti SC

    Yes, another card works in this slot.

    Dont understand question 2?

    All power cables have been checked and double checked.

    The fan is rotating.

    I can go into BIOS yes.
  4. Card is DOA contact the manufacturer for an RMA
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