Please help! My Computer restarts while playing games

I am experiencing issues with my computer when playing Tera Online. The spec of my computer is as follows,
Intel i5-760 @2.8ghz
Coolermaster 212 EVO (heatsink + fan)
8 GB DDR3 Kingston hyperX 1600mhz (2x 4gb)
Asrock h55m-le Motherboad
Asus ENGTX560 OC/DCII/Top 925mhz (running 296.10 driver from nVidia)
PSU Gigabyte 850W
1x Intel 320 SSD 120Gb hdd
1x WD 1 TB SATA hdd
1x WD 2 TB SATA hdd
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

The issue is that my computer will randomly restart itself when I'm playing Tera online, this range from 10 minutes into the game and up to 2 hours into the game. This random restart does not happen when I'm in windows, watching movies or browse internet.

I have done the following to find the problems.
1. run memtest86 10 passes with no errors
2. run Prime 95 with no errors
3. run OCCT 4.20 for both GPU and PSU (never restart once!)
4. CPU Temperature idle at 36 degrees celcius and full-load at 52 degrees celcius
5. GPU Temperature idle at 38 degrees celcius and full-load at about 60-62 degrees celcius
6. Clean out any dust within my computer so I have no heat problems (Based on my reading above)
7. I used GPUZ to monitor my GPU and Asus Smartdoctor utility to double check my temperature.
8. I used Realtemp to monitor my 4 core CPU (Also using Asrock OC tuner utility to make sure I get the correct temperature)
9. Install and reinstall latest Nvidia GTX Driver 296.10 and using drivesweeper to clean my registry.
10. Change settings in Startup & Recovery settings and untick automatically restart in System failure. The comp still restarts without any freeze or BSOD while playing games.

My suspicion is on the PSU as it is about 5 years old. I haven't got another PSU to test this theory but if I do, what sort of PSU do you guys recommend and how many watts?

I read somewhere about this could due to the vdroop issue and disabling this vdroop in the bios may fix this issue? Is this true?

I am running out of ideas and don't want to go spend money if I could not narrow down the problem. I have spent a lot of time searching on the net for a solution and have tried any available solution so far but to no avail. I hope someone could help me please.
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  1. Do you have the latest patches installed?
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    Id put my moneyon the PSU as well. Look around and get a good quality Seasonic, XFX, Corsair PSU. Anything over 550w would be plenty to power your system. Make that 600w or up.
  3. I just got myself a Cosair 650TX PSU. Installed and testing it right restart so far after 20 minutes into the game.

    So far so good, will report again after a few more hours test.
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  5. Thanks vrumor for your recommendation. I am now playing the game for 2 hours+ on the new Cosair 650TX PSU. After all it was the old PSU that cause this issue. It was hard to troubleshoot since no BSOD and finally it was just a defect PSU!

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