Need serious help

I have recently installed everything in my pc to a new case and the rig was working just fine before hand and now the rig isn't working. The issue I am experiencing is the SSD died my HDD died now I am getting no video signal to my monitor which suggests my gpu has was running just fine until I got everything in the new case.

Windows started to lag and freeze up but I could still use my mouse but not click on anything as it would not respond then the system would restart and not finish a boot.
I have reinstalled my windows several times and still have these issues but now when I start up my system I get no video signal. I have tried to use different BIOS on the motherboard as well as the GPU but still no signal.

What is causing this?

Asus Rampage III Formula motherboard
12GB Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600Mhz ram
Silverstone Stryder ST85P-F 850w PSU
Intel Core i7 950 stock clock @ 3.07Ghz
Seagate 500GB HDD
OCZ Vertex III 120GB SSD
250GB External HDD
NZXT Switch 810 Case
Corsair H50 Cooler

Note: I am not overclocking anything at this point and have not OC anything in a while or with my current rig

I also except phone calls as well just ask for Steve at 435-239-7632
Thanks for everything if you can help!
I don't want to have to take my computer in to a local shop and get ripped off.
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  1. I have reset my CMOS and selected my backup BIOS for my motherboard and GPU but still have these issues!
  2. if the issue happened with the new case then try running it outside of the case, just lay the components down on a block of wood or a cardboard box.

    I have seen some cases where a case prevented boting, the issue turned out to be that some flaw in the case caused the motherboard to be slightly warped/ bent when installed in the case this caused it to fail. (I am not sure why but if you have a old board you do not care for much, try flexing the board slightly, it will wither not boot or freeze and randomly reboot.

    if the issue still happens, then try stripping the system down to the bare minimum, (no cd drive, no hard drives, no pci sound cards, and if possible a cheap low end videocard (many people will have a old PCI geforce 2 or something laying around)

    run the system for a while in a linux live environment ( )

    if you still get issues, and the system is relatively new and within the return period, then return everything that is part of the bare minimum set and get replacements, (it is bound to be one of the components and if you don't have extras then swap everything within the stores RMA

    better than getting ripped off at some repair shop
  3. The strange thing though is I was able to boot up windows completely before then it started gradually becoming worse to the point that I lost video signal and the boot wouldn't complete.

    I will try to do what you said and reply soon
  4. K i just tried what you said and i actually got video signal...thank god! now will silicone pads between the screws and the motherboard make a difference where the screws wouldnt be touching the mobo just the pads???
  5. It looks like you may have been shorting out the Motherboard somehow on installation. When you get a system freeze that allows you to move the mouse but nothing else responds that generally means the board has lost communication with the SSD / HDD that provides the OS. The mouse will still work as it will still be in memory.

    Some people have bolted their motherboards straight on to the case without using the support mounts that keep the board out of contact with the case. I assume that you have used the support mounts? If you haven't you will have damaged all sorts of things.
  6. I used the motherboard risers that came with the case and I think that might be the issue so I am going to use the ones that I used that came with my motherboard and soak them in silicone with the screws and see if that makes a difference so neither the screw or riser will touch the mobo just silicone. Will also absorb unwanted vibrations.
  7. the mounting holes on the board are generally designed to handle mounting to the case so no washers are needed, but there is no harm in using them. you generally just want to avoid any flexing of the motherboard and any unwanted contact, eg an extra riser where there isn't a screw hole located.
  8. what about rubber pads and radiator bolts?
  9. I just did some research and some people have the same issue but when they put tape on the motherboard tray it works fine after...can I put tape on the back of my mobo? Or is it not safe?
  10. you generally don't want tape directly on the board since certain parts do get very hot and the tape can melt, but if it is a insulation problem then tape on the motherboard tray is fine.
  11. I have tried everything today and come to find out the case hasn't grounded right and fried my mobo, hdd's, and ssd. Very upset! Just lost over $800 in hardware because of a faulty nzxt product.
  12. if there is no visible damage, you can test each component in another system if possible, then RMA the bad ones with either the store or the manufacture
  13. Everything turns on but I get no video signal and no power to my USB keyboard and mouse.
  14. Turns out my power supply fried my SSD's, HDD's and GPU's. Bought a new PSU and GPU last week. Everything is working now! Thanks for the help guys.

    New system specs:
    Core i7 975 Extreme @4.2Ghz
    Asus Rampage III Formula Motherboard
    Evga GTX 560 TI 448 Cores Classified Ultra 3-way SLI
    Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200w Power Supply
    Two 2TB Seagate HDD's Raid 1
    Two 180GB Corsair Force GT SSD's Raid 0
    NZXT Switch 810 Case
    8x 140mm Aerocool Shark Blue fans

    90FPS on Ultra setting playing BF3 - Anti Aliasing turned on to 4x overwritten on 8x.
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