First pc build $1200 budget

hi guys im very new to building computers as i do not know very much at all about them.

so i decided to post up the specs i have now and am wanting some feedback on choices

dont mind what im getting as long as its able to play crysis 2 on mid settings

here they are:
Intel Core i5 2400 Processor LGA1155 3.1GHz CPU
Asrock H77-PRO4-MVP 4 x DDR3 PCI-E3.0 4 x SATA3 4 xUSB3.0 HDMI D-SubDVI-D GLAN RAID QuadCrossFireX A
Kingston 8G(2x4G) DDR3 1600MHz CL9 HyperX
Western Digital 500G SATA3 HDD Caviar Blue
Western Digital 500G SATA3 HDD Caviar Blue
Sapphire HD6670 1G DDR3.HD6670 1G DDR3 PCI-E HDMI/DVI-D/VGA
LG E2210P 22"LED 16x10 1680x1050 5MS D-SUB DVI-D HEIGHT ADJ VESA
Samsung 22X DVDRW Black SATA (SH-S223C-BL)
Thermaltake V4 Mid Tower Case Black Edition with 500W PSU
Thermaltake EVO Blue 550W w Active PFC 14cm Led Cable Management
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM

fell free to change anything about them as i have very little idea as to what i want
thankyou in advance
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  1. Well....I'm pretty sure you can get a bettwer monitro than that one for a lower price.
    It looks like your one is about 250 USD. Here is another one

    couple of questions, when do you plan on buying and from what website?
  2. I was planning on gettin it within the next 3-4 months. And the shop ive been looking at is umart australia as i am from there
  3. can you link me a website of the store so ii can recommend parts from there?

    Just click on any store they all sell the same products
  5. monitor Graphics Card Processor Motherboard
    Same PSU as you put and same windows Memory Hard Drive Case
    SHOULD be able to max out crysis 2 not completely sure though
    comes down to about 1200 though you can check exact figures. Everything I added that was new altoger costed 920 so add the windows and the PSU

    :) Have fun gaming!
  6. just so you know I am REALLY bad at maths so you may wanna check again hehe
  7. im afraid that the links take me to the same website. haha could you please just put the item names in. go into desktop computer and click customer configure system then create it and see how much it is and copy the specs from there.
  8. woops! sorry haha.
    well I made this list:
    PROCESSOR: Intel Core i3 2130 3.40Ghz 3MB Cache LGA1155 CPU
    MOTHERBOARD: ASRock Z68 PRO3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 4x DDR3 2133 (OC)
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3
    HARD DRIVE: Western Digital 1TB Green 64MB SATAII WD10EURS AV-GP
    GRAPHICS CARD : Gainward GTX570 Phantom 1280M DDR5 2DVI HDMI
    MONITOR: Asus VS228N 21.5",5ms,1920x1080,50M:1,DSUB/DVI-D/BLK
    CASE: Antec Nine Hundred Two Ver3.0 Black Gaming Case
    POWER SUPPLY: Thermaltake Litepower 500W ATX PSU

    hope you can read that....this specific build comes down to 1256 according to that site - if you REALLY want it under 1200 change the GTX 570 with the GTX 560ti 1 GB and that will get you down to I think it was 1112 give or take 50 bucks
  9. 1135 to be exact with
    Gainward GTX560Ti Phantom 1G GTX560Ti Phantom 1G V/2D/H.1024 MB 256 bit GDDR5 Phantom HDMI 2xDVI VG
    Graphics Card
  10. damn....I forgot windows.......I think you'll have to go twith GTX 560Ti so you can add windows for 100 to make it 1235...slightly over your budget :/
  11. thats fine. thank for your help
  12. it would still probably max out crysis 2 though! :)

    dont forget to best answer! ;)
  13. Hey iam also from aus, you might wanna check out its an ozzy site and from what i have seen they are a few $ cheaper then umart...good luck
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