Asus M5A99X Evo/AMD FX 8150 8-Core wont POST

I just finished building my new gaming rig (my first build) and after checking all of the cables to make sure everything was plugged in/hooked up i attempted to boot it and noticed the CPU led was red and I was getting no sort of display. I checked all of my cables and removed my processor carefully to make sure none of the pins got bent etc and everything was fine and i reapplied heat transfer silicone and placed it back in. I have read that it could possibly be that my mobo BIOS isn't up to date? I being that its my first build (and my last custom built for me was intel) I have no way to go about updating the BIOS with a different AM3 processor. Any insight as to what it could possibly be or how I could go about getting the BIOS updated? (Also, I had read that some people sent theirs out to Asus for it to be updated?) Thanks tons!
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  1. Also, I would like to add that I read that there was a CPU power cable? Not sure if this is possibly reffering to the heatsink fan power cable, because thats the only one that i see that needs plugging it.
  2. try off out case first , sure not shorting the back of the mobo plate with case also try use stock cooling first
  3. Ok, its nearly 2am here so I will probably hold off until tomorrow to tear it all back apart. I should have tested it outside of the case first :( Also, im near sure its not shorting because I have everything tucked away on the opposite panel so that no cords could be coming in contact. I have done some more digging and realized that my DDR3 RAM might be issue as well. I don't see it on the compatability chart >.> Ill repost again with light system specs to clarify things (as I just discovered it could maybe be a compatability issue)

    Light System Specs
    Mobo: Asus M5A99X Evo
    CPU: AMD FX 8150 3.6GHz 8-Core Black Edt
    Case: CM Storm Stryker
    Ram: Kingston HyperX 2133MHz 240-Pin 8gb (2x4gb sticks) *May be why I can't POST*
  4. tab13092 said:
    Ram: Kingston HyperX 2133MHz 240-Pin 8gb (2x4gb sticks) *May be why I can't POST*

    send to me if you don't like .. i will happy for it :D :bounce:
  5. Haha well, I looked up an updated compatability chart on Asus and apparently through BIOS updates I can use it with my mobo. Pretty much brings me back to square one with BIOS problem. I will check back here for more suggestions/posts tomorrow before I go ahead and call Asus to see whats up.
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