Which one is better any model of core i3 or any model of core 2duo?

which one is better:-any model of core i3 or any model of core 2duo?is core 2 duo the weakest dual core processor?
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  1. If buying new, then without doubt core i3.
    core 2 may not be the weakest (that would be Pentium Duo).
  2. currently im using core 2 duo e4500 and my windows experience index is 5.6 for processor,so if i upgrade to any other core i3 processors what will my windows experience index be for processor?
  3. Just got an i3 2120 3.3 Ghz processor for somebody and it rated at 7.1 in wei. I would also recommend i3 much more over core 2 duo.
  4. thnx
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