Will more vram mean better performance in 3d?

just about to buy a gtx 580
but not sure whether to go for 3gb of video ram or 1.5
I will mainly be using this for a 3d setup using 1 23 inch screen
at 1080p.
If the extra vram will really make a difference then I will
definitely go for the one with more mem
Thanks everyone
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  1. More VRAM only means more performance in scenarios that are memory limits, generally that means high resolution with AA on. 1920x1080 will be fine on 1.5GB of VRAM even with AA, if you wanted to do 2560x1600 with 16x AA with an SLI setup to give you enough GPU power, then you might run into issues with 1.5GB not being enough, but for most cases 1.5GB will be plenty.

    How much is the price difference between them? If its fairly small it might be good to have for the future, but if its like an extra $50-100 its not really worth it.
  2. its about an extra £60 so say like 95 dollars roughly!
    I was just looking at going 570sli possibly.
    I have the xfx pro 750 psu core edition sli certified.
    Will this psu be enough?
  3. Im running a amd 1100t overclocked to 3.7ghz on stock voltage, a couple dvd drives
    and 3 sata 2 hard drives
    990fxa-ud7 motherboard
  4. are you sure? as alot of people are saying I will need a 800w at least but I dont see it using that much power
  5. Perfect mate thank you :D wish I could have found that earlier :D would I be pushing it to go 3 way sli in the future on this psu do you think?
  6. If you are not nvidia fanatic you'd want to look the specs of 7850 and 7870 (similar performance, lower price an much less power hungry) http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/radeon-hd-7870-review-benchmark,review-32392.html
  7. I want to buy now, I also solely want to upgrade for 3d (more like sidegrade as I have a 6970.)
    So it has to be nvidia, I have a 3d monitor thats very expensive and has no hdmi 1.4a connection, meaning that I have no way of playing 3d using my 6970
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