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So I am looking to build a Gaming PC, either via by configuring one online, or by buying the individual parts, then put it together myself.

Does anyone know of any local store (because main stores like PC world/Dell etc are a rip off!) pc configuration websites?

Or a website that is cheaper than lots of others, where I can buy PC components?

I am looking to spend £900
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  1. You're pretty much always best off to just buy everything from a site, except maybe the chassis (This depends on how much it adds to shipping).

    £900 really isn't a cheap build either, you should be able to get a really nice system for that.

    Those two should ship to UK. Don't know of any others in Europe/UK, though I'm sure they're must be others.
  2. £900 is a very generous budget and you can easily build a configuration that's able to play all current games in all their graphical glory :)

    Here's a few UK suppliers:

    - SCAN, EBUYER and AMAZON and probably the best of the bunch. Keep an eye out for shipping costs too, just because the product is cheaper on one websites doesn't mean it won't actually work out more expensive with delivery costs.

    EDIT: I suggest creating a new thread and use this build advise template ( ) in order to see what components people suggest are best for your budget.
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