Is the thermal paste that came with my i5 3450 sufficient?

This is my first build and I'm wondering whether it is safe to use the thermal paste that came attached to the cooling fan. How long will it last for and is it sufficient? Do I have to buy different paste and apply it directly to the cpu? Can I mix new paste with the pre-set one? Do I remove the pre-set paste all together? I only intend to use my pc for gaming and other less demanding uses.
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  1. The original paste is fine.

    It will last for a long time.

    When you apply thermal paste you first clean off the old paste off the CPU and HS with cleaning alcohol, get the new paste and put a small blob in the middle (if more liquidy then apply less) and put the cooler on.

    You don't mix them.
  2. You can get better thermal pastes but the stock stuff is fine.
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