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Let's say i want to buy a new gaming platform. I have two options:

1. Alienware laptop M18x with core i7, two GTX580M SLI, 16Gb of RAM and SSD.
2. Custom build PC with two 6950 2Gb crossfire, 16Gb of RAM, SSD, core i7 2600k...etc.

Witch of them would give me higher frame rates in games? The desktop is 3-4 times cheaper than the laptop i did not take into account a 512Gb SSD in the desktop price witch probably would make it only 2 times cheaper than the laptop, depending on the prices where you live.
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  1. Do you really need the "portability" of the laptop? Its not even going to be very portable since its battery life is going to be super short and its going to be heavy.

    If the desktop is that much cheaper you are probably better off with the desktop and a midlevel laptop, the laptop won't game but will fill any need for a portable machine.

    The desktop is definitely going to give better frame rates than the laptop, the mobile GPUs are always much weaker than their desktop counterparts.
  2. I would defiantly go toward the desktop. It will last you a very long time and when you need to upgrade things, you can!

    I only suggest getting a laptop for School/Portability reason

    Not gaming!

    Go with the desktop, I know from previous experience.
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