Image Incorrectly Resizing CCC Fault. Wrong Res

First off my system specs:

X3 440 AMD
4 Gig OCZ Reaper Ram
M720-Us3 MB
1680x1050 LG L225WS

The image becomes too large for my monitor, even though it is set at 1680x1050, it looks like it's made for a screen way bigger, so about a third of my screen becomes missing. The only way to adjust this is with image adjust on the Control Centre, and it flicks back into the right resolution and position. Thing is if I restart the PC or load a game, it unfits, and is the wrong size.
I had this problem before, the only way I fixed it, is un-installing Catylst Control, and using drivers only. Now however ATI couples the drivers with CCC so I have to install it with the drivers.

I have a VGA to VDI adaptor, as my monitor is an old flatscreen. It's definitely to do with the control centre program ATI uses. This is such a joke.
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  1. so, why do you need a vga to dvi, what item doesnt have dvi?

    but eaither way, seems like your setting isnt saving. clean your previous install and reinstall the current suite for your card. also, may try running ccc as admin.
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